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1-5 AUGUST 2022


Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing
Computational Quantum Chemistry & Physics
Quantum Information Theory

Confirmed Participants

  • Federica Agostini (University Paris-Saclay, France)*

  • Yvonne Bronsard Alama (Sorbonne, France)

  • Weizhu Bao (NUS, Singapore)*

  • Paul Bergold (Surrey, UK)

  • Joackim Bernier (Nantes, France)

  • Sergio Blanes (Valencia, Spain)

  • Nick Blunt (Riverlane, UK)

  • Yvain Bruned (Edinburgh, UK)

  • Yongyong Cai (Beijing Normal University, China)*

  • Fernando Casas (Universitat Jaume I, Spain)

  • Stefanos Carlström (Lund University, Sweden)

  • Lihui Chai (SYSU, China)*

  • Sergey Dolgov (Bath, UK)

  • Di Fang (UC Berkeley, USA)*

  • Yue Feng (NUS, Singapore)

  • Mohammadali Foroozandeh (Oxford, UK)

  • Michele Grossi (CERN, Switzerland)

  • Stefan Güttel (Manchester, UK)

  • Tobias Hartung (Bath, UK)

  • Catherine Higham (Glasgow, UK)

  • Arieh Iserles (Cambridge, UK)

  • Tobias Jawecki (TU Vienna, Austria)

  • Shi Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)*

  • Karolina Kropielnicka (IMPAN, Poland)

  • Simen Kvaal (Oslo, Norway)

  • Ilya Kuprov (Southampton, UK)

  • Xiantao Li (Penn State University, USA)*

  • Lin Lin (UC Berkeley, USA)*

  • Nana Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)*

  • Jianfeng Lu (Duke, USA)*

  • Michael Lubasch (Cambridge Quantum, UK)*

  • Christian Mendl (TU Munich, Germany)

  • Peter Mosley (Bath, UK)

  • Sheehan Olver (Imperial College London, UK)

  • Alexander Ostermann (Innsbruck, Austria)

  • Changpeng Shao (Bristol, UK)

  • Pranav Singh (Bath, UK)

  • Chunmei Su (Tsinghua University, China)*

  • Elizaveta Suturina (Bath, UK)

  • Sam Vinko (Oxford, UK)

  • Yue Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)*

  • Graham Worth (University College London, UK)

* remote participant

CMQT22 Workshop Photograph.jpg

CMQT22 Workshop Photograph (photo credits: James Foster)

The workshop photograph was taken on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, many participants had to leave by this time.  


Pranav Singh


CB 2.6, Level 2
Chancellor's Building
Claverton Down Campus
University of Bath
Bath BA2 7AY
United Kingdom

campus map


We recommended booking the campus accommodation using the following link:

Since this accommodation is on the campus, it is more convenient for attending the workshop sessions which will also take place on the campus. Moreover, this is also a less expensive option. 

You may also want to consider accommodation in the city centre which gives you easier access to dinner options and to the historic city centre. Keep in mind that the campus is 35 mins by walk (uphill) from the city and 15 mins by bus.


A few  B&B options in the city we can recommend are:

There are numerous other options which you should be able to find with, and



The most convenient airport is Bristol International Airport (BRS). The next most convenient airport is London Heathrow (LHR).

Bristol Airport to Bath city centre


There are two options for traveling from Bristol Airport:

Train. You could take the Bristol Flyer Express from Bristol Airport to Bristol Temple Meads train station (25 mins, £13 return) and then take the Great Wester Railway (GWR) train from Bristol Temple Meads to Bath Spa Station (12 mins, ~£18 return). 


You can buy the tickets for the first leg from Bristol Flyer Express website and for the second leg from or its smartphone app. Note that Off Peak and Super Off Peak return tickets are the most flexible option, since you can use any train except "Peak" trains. Do check that the specific timing restrictions work for you.

Bus. There is a direct coach (i.e. bus) called A4 Air Decker from Bristol Airport to Bath (£21 adult return ticket, ~80mins journey).

  • You could get off at Dorchester Street stop, which is the final stop and close to the train station.

  • ​For some accommodations in the centre, the penultimate stop Westgate Buildings might be more convenient

London Heathrow to Bath city centre

There are two options for traveling from Heathrow:

Train. You could take either the Heathrow Express (15mins) or the Elizabeth Line Tube (26mins) from Heathrow to London Paddington Station, and then take the Great Wester Railway (GWR) train from Paddington to Bath Spa Station. The journey is roughly 2hrs. You can buy the tickets together using or its smartphone app.

For reference, Super Off Peak return ticket is typically ~£110 and Off Peak return ticket is ~£130. Note that these ticket types allow you to travel flexibly - i.e. you can use any train except "Peak" trains (typically leaving London before 10.00 and arriving in London before 10.00). Do check that the specific timing restrictions work for you.

Bus. You can take a direct bus from London Heathrow to Bath (roughly 2.5 hrs). You can buy a return ticket for ~£30 from Unlike the trains, these tickets are typically for specific services.

Taxis in Bath

You can get a taxi from the train station or use Uber. A couple of taxi companies in Bath are:

  • V Cars +44 1225 464646

  • Bath Taxi Service +44 1225 667247

Many (but not all) taxis accept credit card and contactless payment. Please check beforehand.


The bus U1 connects the Campus (University of Bath, Arrival Square) with the City Centre (Dorchester Street) and takes ~15mins. Click here for the timetable.  


1-5 August 2022

Programme (PDF)

Book of Abstracts (PDF)

Link to Google Calendar (web interface)
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Link to Google Calendar (iCal/ICS file). Use this to important calendar to your Outlook/iCalendar.

CMQT22 Programme.png

University of Cambridge


Shi Jin.jpg

Shanghai Jiao Tong University



TU Munich



Katharina Schratz

Sorbonne University



Pranav Singh

University of Bath



University of Bath



Tobias Hartung

University of Bath



Pranav Singh

University of Bath


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